What is babe council?

We ARE your local girl gang.

Babe Council is a female-founded and babe run startup, helping to educate and empower women to be more civic and community-minded. By re-imagining altruism and activism, we believe we can make them a regular part of every babe’s life. 


what does Babe Council do?

We create live events & products that make it easy for babes to be better citizens. To get informed, get involved, and take action in support of other women and their community. 


Who is Babe Council for?

Some people call it "being a good citizen.
We prefer "Babe".

Whether you're a republican, democrat, independent, or queen, we believe all women benefit from knowing about and how to address the issues facing their community.  So, we created Babe Council for any femme-identifying individual who's wanted to do more but wasn't sure how, or who might be short on time, money, energy or all-of-the-above, and because of that has never had a way to do good stuff for others, become more civically engaged, be more informed, involved, etc. We're also a dope girl gang who love cocktails and couldn't care more... so if you're into that kind of thing, we're for you too 😉


Is babe Council a nonprofit?

Nope. We founded Babe Council because we see the values and priorities for a lot of women shifting, ourselves included. We’ve marched in the streets, stood side-by-side with our sisters, and heard firsthand the cry for more actionable ways to get informed and “get involved.” Women are serious about making a change, and we believe that they're willing to pay for help doing it.

Ever hired a personal trainer? Postmates? Get a manicure?
In the real world, where most of us live, everything has been optimized to be cute, convenient, and easy… 
except volunteerism and civic engagement?? WTF
(also, that seems weirdly convenient for our legislators…)

The only reason BC exists is to create magical, empowering experiences and products for babes like you, and to help pull as many seats to the table for other women as possible. So, we sell memberships, cute-ass merch, Field Kits, and collect dues. The more we sell, the more babes we can reach, plain simple. Money is power and your hard-earned cash is a little weight on the scale in favor of doing-good. Talk about literally paying it forward.

So thanks for helping this girl gang grow from sea to shining sea, babe.


Why is it called "babe council"?

You know at the end of Legally Blonde when Elle bursts into the court room in all her head-to-toe-pink glory and then proceeds to school us all on ammonia thioglycolate? Babe Council is like that. We were born from the crazy notion that cocktails, snacks, and glitter don't de-legitimize serious, real activism and altruism. In fact, we believe that they make them even more awesome. We're cute + We care 💖


What do I need to bring to meetings?

Nothing but your bad-self babe! We've taken care of every detail down to the instagram-ops. Duh. 


Can I come alone? Is that weird?

Shy? Awkward? Introvert? Don't be scared, everyone will love you! We are committed to making sure that every babe has a seat at the table. Plus, we get it. Doing anything for the first time can be a little scary/weird... that's why we have cocktails!


What are 'dues'?

Dues are the cost of admission for each council meeting. The money for your dues goes to your merit button, education materials, etc. 

More questions?

We've got more answers! Head to our contact page or shoot us an email at heybabe@babecouncil.com