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How does the membership work?

After you purchase your Babe Council Founding Membership, membership swag packs are mailed within 3 business days of your purchase and you will be emailed a confirmation and link to the Babe Bulletin. Each month we will mail you a new link to the updated Babe Bulletin.

How do I cancel (or update my membership)?

Change your mind? Money tight? Trying something new? We totally get it. Your annual membership payment is not recurring, so when it expires you’re all set. Need to update your mailing or email address? Shoot us an email at:


Why do you include local options for Arizona?

Because Babe Council was born in the Arizona desert, we currently only offer national and Arizona content while we scale. We intend to roll out upcoming states by the number of active members, so purchasing a membership now helps get Babe Council in your neck of the woods faster, plus you'll be the first to know when we roll out your state!

At the same time, we as founders are also trying to score a piece of the embarrassing TWO PERCENT of venture capital currently being doled out to women-led start-ups. We are working our babe-butts off to make this happen in every state from sea to shining sea, your support and patience is so appreciated. We literally couldn't do it without you. xo

How are issue prompts selected and created?

Clearly we have to select issues/causes with some shelf-life, meaning that will stay relevant for at least a few weeks to ensure we can get the info from us to you, and still leave enough time to pop your letters off and have them be received by the reps. We don't have to tell you that things these days are changing rapidly, but we are doing our best to keep things fresh and relevant for you. Because it takes a village, we dialogue with, subscribe, and follow a number of local and national non-partisan orgs and non-profits from which we curate our content, think: Poder in Action, Puente, Moms Demand Action, Save Our Schools, Planned Parenthood, Women’s March National, The United State of Women,, ALCU, Southern Poverty Law Center, and, to name a few.

babe council letter writing

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why we write

Why handwritten letters?

Of all the forms of communication with our legislators- phone calls, texts, emails - handwritten letters are the most valuable. According to the ACLU, many legislators believe that a letter represents not only the position of the writer but also many other constituents who did not take the time to write. 

Does my letter even matter?

Maybe you live in a place where you and reps are totally on the same page, maybe you live a place so deeply red/blue you feel like your voice doesn't matter. Either way, we believe that all babes benefit from communicating with their legislators and groups making decisions in their community. It’s also super important for them to hear from constituents. Can you imagine going to work and hearing nothing from your boss, right, wrong or otherwise what you should be doing... that's what it's like for many of our reps. Letters can also be ammo that they can use to support their positions in national politics.  And having personal stories of how their constituents are affected by national policies is even better.  We encourage you to look up your legislators and learn about their positions and voting record on issues you care about. No matter where you live, whether you're a democrat, republican, independent or queen, it’s worth knowing where your elected officials stand on issues that mean most to you.