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Our bespoke field kits include everything you need to get informed & take action in support of your community

From who reps you, how to contact them, letter-writing prompts, non-partisan info on urgent issues, and yes, even stamps, to charitable activities, cute-ass education materials, stickers, AND A MERIT BUTTON FOR YOUR GOOD DEEDS. We’ve curated everything you need to get involved with the causes you care about the most.

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Not sure about you… but politics can be really f’ing confusing. And we’re over it.

So, we’ve changed the game to help all babes become engaged citizens with Field Kits curated with every single thing you need to report for civic-duty in style. From non-partisan letter writing to your elected officials, to helping get out the vote; each Field Kit is created to make it easy for babes to be better citizens. To get informed, get involved, and take action in support of other women and our community.

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The only reason BC exists is to create magical, empowering experiences and products for babes like you, and to pull as many seats to the table for women as possible. Money is power and your hard-earned cash is a little weight on the scale in favor of doing-good. Talk about literally paying it forward.