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Civic participation affects not just individuals, but entire societies.
Neighborhoods with higher levels of civic participation have a greater sense of community, lower levels of crime, and citizens who are healthier and happier. States and countries with greater proportions of civically engaged citizens have lower rates of disease, mental illness, and suicide.They, too, have lower crime rates, as well as having greater economic prosperity, better-educated children, and more effective governments.
-S. Mark Pancer, The Psychology of Citizenship and Civic Engagement.

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Babe Council is helping businesses amplify their voice around the causes & issues that mean most to them.

Civil rights, Digital rights, government oversight, gun reform, healthcare, immigration, lgbtq, Police Reform, workers rights, Education, Environment, animal rights, homelessness & poverty, voter awareness... 

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Kind is the new cool. Generosity is the new rich. In babes we trust.


get informed

Whether you're a republican, democrat, independent, or queen, we believe all babes benefit from knowing about the issues facing their community.#hotgoss


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The future is you, babe. Sure, you can’t get involved with everything, but you can get involved in something + make your voice heard. Step one: Join a girl gang.


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What like it's hard?
Trade brunch for protest and channel your babe-power into good stuff for your community and other women.